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what is sleep-
friendly snacking?

What nighttime snackers need to know...

LOVE love love this stuff. The flavors were great, and I could eat it at night without feeling guilty about the sugar and calories! Would definitely buy this again!

- Alli B

What a great concept! I'm a nighttime snacker, but also an inconsistent sleeper. Naturally, this is a great solution. The ice cream is smooth like the real thing, unlike many "healthy" ice cream alternatives. There is a great variety of flavors to pick from. And, I didn't notice any sleep disruption.

- David E

I love the concept of Nightfood Ice Cream, a sweet treat that won't disturb your sleep cycle. The ice cream is creamy and doesn't leave you feeling loaded up on sugar. I would recommend this product.

- Jessica J

I’ve been more cautious about my sugar intake since being pregnant, and I’m more picky about what I’m not only feeding myself, but what I’m feeding my growing baby 👶🏼💕 So it’s great to have delicious options that don’t spike my blood sugar. THANK YOU

- Kaylee B