4.8/5 Stars from 23 Nighttime Snackers

Nighttime Snacking can be healthy?!!

Nightfood cookies contain no drugs or sleep medications. Just delicious, sleep-friendly nutrition for everybody snacking at night.

  • Get Restful Sleep Naturally

  • Expert-Formulated Nutrient Blend

  • Low Sugar, Low Fat, High Fiber

  • Satisfy cravings in a healthy way

  • Get Restful Sleep Naturally

  • Expert-Formulated Nutrient Blend

  • Low Sugar, Low Fat, High Fiber

  • Satisfy cravings in a healthy way

Get a 3-pouch variety pack for only $9.99 with free shipping! After 14 days, you’ll get a 12-pack subscription at $50.99/mo (free shipping) – cancel or customize flavors anytime before the next billing.

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4.8/5 Stars from 23 Nighttime Snackers



Sleep-Disruptive Snacks

Nightfood sleep-friendly cookies contain ingredients that support better sleep quality. Unlike traditional cookies, which may have high sugar and high fat content that can wreck your sleep, increase mood changes, reduce focus and weaken your immune system.


Less Sugar


Less Fat


More Probiotic Fiber


More Protein



Satisfy cravings

Natural Sweetness





4.8/5 Stars from 23 Nighttime Snackers

Ingredient Dream Team

Nightfood was formulated by sleep and nutrition experts to bring you a delicious treat that won't kill your diet or wreck your sleep. Nightfood contains no sleep drugs or medications. We’ve packed in more casein protein and prebiotic fiber for sustained satisfaction. 

Plus, we enrich our cookies with a unique mix of natural sleep-supporting ingredients—like calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6, and inositol—handpicked by our sleep experts.

Formulated by Experts in Sleep, Nutrition, and Taste!

4.8/5 Stars from 23 Nighttime Snackers

Sweet Dreams, Sweeter Reviews

Each review is a testament to the serene nights and joyous mornings brought on by our sleep-friendly treats.

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Nightfood is both awesome and unique…of course you’ll have questions!!!

What makes your cookies “sleep-friendly”?

“Sleep-Friendly” comes from its ingredients that will help you get a better quality sleep without cutting out nighttime snacks. Our team of Sleep and Nutrition Experts formulated a nutritional recipe with:

- Less sugar, less fat, fewer calories

- More casein protein, more prebiotic fiber

- Plus natural sleep-supporting ingredients recommended by our sleep experts like calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6, inositol and more

What is “sleep-friendly” snacking all about?

What you eat before bed matters.

So if you’re going to snack between dinner and bed (and who doesn’t??), it’s important to consider how those snack choices will impact the quality of your sleep throughout the night.

Sleep-friendly snacks are ones that are less likely to impair sleep and can even support better sleep quality because of their nutritional profile.

What makes Nightfood a better choice for nighttime snackers?

Nightfood snacks are formulated with our team of sleep and nutrition experts.

Most people snack at night at least once a week, and that’s not going to stop.

The most popular choices are cookies, chips, and ice cream. 

That probably won’t change either.So we make sure our snacks are sleep-friendly, meaning more slow-digesting protein, more prebiotic fiber, with less sugar, less fat, and fewer calories, plus other added nutrients like myo-inositol and vitamin B6.

Knowing nighttime snacking won’t just go away, we make sleep-friendly snacks to help you get through nighttime cravings.

Does Nightfood contain drugs or sleep aids?

No drugs, no sleep aids…just delicious snacks formulated with a nutritional profile and ingredients to support better sleep quality.

Can kids eat Nightfood too?

Yes. Nightfood contains no drugs or sleep-aids. It is not a dietary supplement. We make snack foods, formulated by leading sleep and nutrition experts with better sleep in mind. Nightfood snacks are delicious, better-for-you, sleep-friendly snacks for the whole family.

How do subscriptions work?

1. Order a trial pack on this page - contains 1 pouch of Prime-Time Chocolate Chip, 1 pouch of Date Night Cherry Oat and 1 pouch of Snoozerdoodle cookies. You’ll receive it 3-7 days after your purchase.

2. Your monthly subscription begins 14 days after your original purchase of a trial pack. In a subscription you’ll receive a 12-pouch box containing 4 pouches of each of our 3 flavors.

3. You can edit, skip, or cancel subscription any time before the next charge. SMS notifications 3 days before every charge.

When will I receive my order?

You’ll receive your order in 3-7 days based on your location.

4.8/5 Stars from 23 Nighttime Snackers

Sleep-Friendly Cookies

trial Pack

Nightfood cookies contain no drugs or sleep medications. Just delicious, sleep-friendly nutrition for everybody snacking at night.

Subscription details

  • Begins 14 days after trial purchase

  • Enjoy 12 pouches monthly, with 4 from each of our trio of flavors, at a special price of $50.99/month + free shipping (down from $59.99 + shipping cost).

  • SMS Notifications 3 days before charge. No obligation. Modify or cancel anytime.

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