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Q: What makes NightFood night food?[+][-]

A: What you eat or drink before bed makes a difference. People understand they shouldn’t consume caffeine before bed. And, they see how drinking alcohol before bed impacts their sleep. But do we ever even think about sugar, sodium, fat? What about different vitamins and minerals? What makes an energy bar an ENERGY bar? Or an energy drink an ENERGY drink? It’s the ingredients.

Just as food scientists can formulate for energy, they can also formulate and optimize for bedtime as well. There’s a strong consensus among sleep experts around what people should eat if they’re going to snack before bed. At NightFood, we focus on just that: helping people satisfy their powerful and unhealthy night cravings in a better, healthier, more sleep-friendly way.

Q: What makes this different than an energy bar?[+][-]

A: Think about it…an energy bar is the last thing you’d want to eat right before bedtime.  Energy boosting bars are what inspired us to make a healthy snack that is exactly the opposite:  NightFood tastes great, and is formulated to satisfy night cravings but without that unwanted energy boost before bed.  In fact, our snacks are formulated to help support better sleep.  

Q: Isn’t it bad to eat anything before bed?[+][-]

A: Not necessarily. In fact, the most prominent sleep experts in the world typically recommend a small snack before bed rather than going to bed hungry. However, eating the wrong thing before bed is a big problem…we call this a “snaccident”.  At NightFood, helping people avoid nighttime snaccidents is our mission.

Q: Will it make me sleepy?[+][-]

A: NightFood does not contain anything that would be considered a “sleep-aid”.  Our formulations do contain ingredients to support better quality sleep, but will not induce sleep. So, you can feel free to drive a car, do calculus, or operate heavy machinery.

Q: Is NightFood OK for kids?[+][-]

A: Absolutely! Kids love to snack before bed (don’t we all), and there’s nothing in our bars that presents a problem for them. If they’re old enough to chew it, they’re good to go.

We’ve heard from many parents that having NightFood in the house makes bedtime much easier!

Q: Is NightFood gluten-free?[+][-]

A: No. We do have gluten-free products in development, but they’re not yet available.

There is no wheat in our recipe. However, oats are a key ingredient. While oats do not necessarily contain gluten, the oats in these bars were transported and then processed in a facility that also handles wheat. Expect that these oats have been in contact with equipment that has processed wheat, and so it is common that the oats will be "cross-contaminated" with gluten.

If you're somebody who absolutely cannot have gluten, our bars are not for you, unfortunately. However, if you're just looking to reduce the amount of gluten in what you eat, it’s likely to be a non-issue for you.

Q: How about kosher?[+][-]

A: Yep!

Q: How many flavors do you have?[+][-]

A: Right now, NightFood bars are available in two flavors: Cookies n’ Dreams and Midnight Chocolate Crunch. We’re working to be able to introduce additional flavors of our bars soon!

Q: Love the concept, but $2 a bar seems pretty steep.[+][-]

A: OK, that’s not technically a question, but we’ll allow it :-)

Since you made it this far, you’re probably already snacking on SOMETHING at night.   Whether it’s a bag of chips, some ice cream, or a bowl of cereal, it’s gonna cost you something (unless you’re related to Count Chocula and have a hook-up).

Is NightFood going to cost $.49 or $.91 more than whatever you’re eating?  Maybe.  Or, maybe your bowl of cereal or ice cream costs more than $2, and NightFood will save you $.15 or $.39 or whatever…

This isn’t about dollars and cents.  It’s about moving away from snacks that are wrecking your diet, and your sleep.

What’s it worth to get rid of that guilt you feel when you get to the bottom of that bowl of ice cream at night? 

What would it be worth if tomorrow you felt like you got an extra 5 or 10 minutes of sleep because of what you did or didn’t eat before bed?

Give the bars a try…we’re gonna keep you away from the junk, and you can’t really put a price on everything that comes with that.

Q: What is the return or refund policy?[+][-]

A:  We guarantee you’ll love NightFood.  If you don’t, let us know and we’ll issue an easy refund of your full purchase price, plus any shipping. 

What’s more, we will NEVER ask you to return any bars!

What’s the catch?  Instead of returning bars, we ask you to hand them out to friends, family, and coworkers.  Most people love the bars, but not everybody.  We know if you give out the remaining bars to people you know, the majority of them will really like them.  So, you tried it risk free, and now we've found a new customer (or 2 or 3).  You win, they win, we win...you win.

Q: How much will I pay for shipping?[+][-]

A: When you order one box, shipping is a flat $4.95 anywhere in the continental United States. When you order two boxes or more, shipping is FREE which is why most first time customers will order a box of each flavor. You save on shipping and can try both, doubling your chances of falling in love. People write us all the time to tell us they were surprised that the flavor they didn’t think would appeal to them was their new favorite!

Q: How long until I receive my order?[+][-]

A: From the time you order, your NightFood should arrive in about 4-7 business days, depending on where you are in the U.S. Our warehouse is in Pennsylvania, so customers in the northeast will get orders faster.

Q: When do you think you’ll have NightFood ice cream and other products?[+][-]

A: Hopefully soon. When you order, you’ll be signed up to receive occasional email updates from us about new products and other big announcements.

Q: This is a really cool idea. Can I invest in the company?[+][-]

A: Actually, yes you can! NightFood is publicly traded on the OTC under the symbol NGTF. Anybody can buy shares of NightFood stock through online brokerages like ETrade, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, and more.