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Nightfood is both awesome and unique… of course you’ll have questions!!!

What is “sleep-friendly” snacking all about?

What you eat before bed matters.

So if you’re going to snack between dinner and bed (and who doesn’t??), it’s important to consider how those snack choices will impact the quality of your sleep throughout the night.

Sleep-friendly snacks are ones that are less likely to impair sleep and can even support better sleep quality because of their nutritional profile.

What makes Nightfood a better choice for nighttime snackers?

Nightfood snacks are formulated with our team of sleep and nutrition experts.

Most people snack at night at least once a week, and that’s not going to stop.

The most popular choices are cookies, chips, and ice cream. That probably won’t change either.

So we make sure our snacks are sleep-friendly, meaning more slow-digesting protein, more prebiotic fiber, with less sugar, less fat, and fewer calories, plus other added nutrients like myo-inositol and vitamin B6.

Knowing nighttime snacking won’t just go away, we make sleep-friendly snacks to help you get through Daylight Cravings Time.

What is “Daylight Cravings Time”?

Have you ever found yourself rummaging through your kitchen at night like an out-of-control racoon?? You’re not alone. Fun fact: humans are biologically hardwired to consume excess calories before the long nighttime fast.

At the same time, appetite peaks at night and willpower drops like a rock.

That programming helped keep our caveman ancestors from starvation. Of course, they didn’t have hundreds of thousands of calories easily accessible in their fridge and pantry like we do.

As modern humans, we know we don’t need to load up on high calorie snacks at night to survive, but that’s in our DNA…so most of us give in one, or two, or seven nights a week!

Nightfood puts you back in control and lets you survive Daylight Cravings Time without killing your diet or wrecking your sleep.

Are you suggesting people eat cookies at night as a sleep aid?

No. not at all.

Nightfood is not a sleep-aid. If you are experiencing insomnia, or other sleep problems, we recommend you contact your doctor. If you never snack at night, we don’t recommend adding snacking to your sleep routine to try to get better sleep.

But we know there are millions of people already eating things like cookies, chips, and ice cream before bed on any given night. For those people that are already snacking at night anyway, Nightfood can be a better choice because of its better-for-you and sleep-friendly nutritional profile.

Does Nightfood contain drugs or sleep aids?

No drugs, no sleep aids…just delicious snacks formulated with a nutritional profile and ingredients to support better sleep quality.

Can kids eat Nightfood too?

Yes. Nightfood contains no drugs or sleep-aids. It is not a dietary supplement. We make snack foods, formulated by leading sleep and nutrition experts with better sleep in mind. Nightfood snacks are delicious, better-for-you, sleep-friendly snacks for the whole family.

Why sleep doctors? Who are they?

Extensive research confirms that our nutritional choices can directly impact sleep quality (seems obvious, right?)

Most people snack at night at least once a week, and that’s not going to stop.

To create snacks that are delicious, nutritious, and sleep-friendly, we enlisted the help of leading sleep and nutrition experts who agree that sleep-disruptive nighttime snacking is a problem that can be easily solved for consumers.

Learn about our Sleep & Nutrition Advisory Board here.

Why does Nightfood contain added casein protein and prebiotic fiber?

Casein is a slow digesting protein that helps with satiety and cravings. Prebiotic fiber is key for gut-health, which plays a major role in sleep quality

Both of these nutrients help you feel more satisfied with fewer calories, and also have a beneficial stabilizing impact on blood sugar levels, which is key to better sleep.

Does Nightfood contain erythritol or sucralose or other artificial sweeteners?

We don’t use any artificial sweeteners in any Nightfood products. Our cookies are sweetened with date syrup and allulose.

This is a really cool idea. Can I invest in the company?

Actually, yes you can! NightFood Holdings, Inc. is publicly traded on the OTC under the symbol NGTF. Anybody can buy shares of Nightfood stock through online brokerages like ETrade, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, Fidelity and more.

Shipping & Fulfillment

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping for subscription cookie orders is always free. Shipping on one-time cookie orders will typically be about $5-$10 depending on your location and how many pouches are in the order.

How can I get an update on an order I placed?

When you place your order, you’ll receive an e-mail with order status info. When your order ships, you’ll receive tracking information. If you have any questions at any time, just contact our customer service team by filling out this form.