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Healthy Late Night Snacks - a bowl of cottage cheese with pineapple

Healthy Late Night Snacks: Better-For-You Meets Sleep-Friendly

May 13, 2024

Sean Folkson

Late-night cravings are part of being human...if you're not regularly going to bed within about 3 hours of dinner, you're probably going to be snacking a couple of nights a week or more.

But what are some healthy late night snacks and what rules can you follow so that your snacking doesn't interfere with quality sleep?

If you're going to snack at night, but want to make better choices, you should be thinking about all the stuff that's important at all other times of day, PLUS the impact your nutritional choices can have on sleep quality.

So the basic rules apply:  Healthy late night snacks will be those that are lower in sugar, fat, and calories, and higher in protein and fiber.

Think about nutrient density, portion control, and satiety (the feeling of satisfaction after eating).  When possible, it's better to identify those certain foods might be a bit higher in tryptophan or melatonin.

Greek yogurt with berries, a banana with some almond or peanut butter, cottage cheese with pineapple, avocado toast, oatmeal with honey...these are all good options on those nights where you may not have any Nightfood cookies around.

Be careful to not fall into the trap of being overly restrictive and eating something super healthy, yet unsatisfying, and then ending up in the junk afterwards ANYWAY.  Rice cakes or carrot sticks may end up just being an appetizer for the junk you're trying to avoid.

Remember, what you eat before bed when you're thinking about healthy nighttime snack options, that's where better-for-you snacks meet sleep-friendly nutrition.