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  • Special Two Bar Sampler w/ Free Shipping

Special Two Bar Sampler w/ Free Shipping

What People Are Saying

  • "If I have ever had a healthy bar that tastes better than this, I don't remember. These bars are exploding rectangles of choclicious goodness that are good for your heart, minds and biceps."

    - Pib F.
  • "These are so tasty and satisfying, I actually look forward to going to bed so i can eat one of these! How do i sign up for a life time membership and you guys just send me a box every 2 weeks for the rest of my life?"

    - Jason T.
  • "When the desire for something to eat before bed, hits you, these are great to take away the craving and satisfy the urge. The mixed box has both flavors so you get a choice. I prefer the chocolate but both are good."

    - Sheila G.
  • "I have been ordering this product for nearly two years and have had only positive experiences with both the tasty Nightfood bars as well as the personalized customer service. I have offered it to guests and recommended it to friends. Try it, you'll love it."

    - Rone D.
  • "This is the perfect snack before bed. I always find myself craving something right before I go to bed, but remember always being told it was super unhealthy and doesn't get digested so I've been used to falling asleep hungry. Now I can go to bed satisfied and not feel bad about myself. Love it!"

    - Jackie W.


Put down the chips and step away from the ice cream. Stop eating the wrong snacks before bed, ruining your diet and your sleep. Satisfy nighttime cravings without the junk or the guilt.

Get one bar of each flavor to try for only $4.95.  No extra charges for shipping, no strings attached, no nonsense.  

Just a one-time sample because we both know you'll love them so much, you'll be back in about 6 days ordering more.