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  • Special Two Bar Sampler w/ Free Shipping

Special Two Bar Sampler w/ Free Shipping -

$23.99 Today w/code SUB50
Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed! [+]Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed! [-]

We're gonna keep this real simple.

Order one or two boxes for your first order.

If you don't like the bars, just let us know and we'll immediately issue a 100% refund (including any shipping). You don't need to return anything to us, or jump through any other silly hoops.

All we ask is that you take your remaining bars and share them with friends, family, coworkers, etc... Even though you didn't love them, most people do!

This way you get all your money back with no hassle, your friends get to try something free that they'll probably love, and we'll likely find a new customer or two that wouldn't have otherwise known about NightFood.

Everybody wins, and you're the hero who made it all happen!

So go ahead and complete that order...

What People Are Saying

  • I'm hooked!

    “These are delicious day or night ! My new favorite bars I love both flavors”

    - Chris G.
  • So good!

    “I have to say they are amazing. Not like typical other bars. These taste like a real treat and do fill you up so you can go to bed in peace. Love them!”

    - Shauna L.
  • Delicious and Totally Satisfying ...

    “After trying both the Cookies n' Dreams and the Midnight Chocolate Crunch .. I really couldn't decide with one was more delicious. I look forward to my Nightfood bar each evening ... Thank you for creating Nightfood. (Definitely a satisfied customer!)”

    - Linda C.
  • Dream Come True!

    “These bars help me power through my late-night cravings and go to bed sooner! I love the packaging; I love the taste; I love the product!”

    - Katie E.
  • Love these bad boys!

    “As a night snacker, these are awesome for me. I can eat one of the Nightfood bars and be satiated. Excellent flavor and filling!”

    - Michael.


When your little CraveMonster pays his nightly visit, he can get you to eat just about anything. Tonight, be prepared...

Get one bar of each flavor to try for only $4.95.  No extra charges for shipping, no strings attached, no nonsense.  

Just a one-time sample because we both know you'll love them so much, you'll be back in about 6 days ordering more.