Nightfood Sleep-Friendly Prime-Time Chocolate Chip Cookies - 3 Bags

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Don’t beat yourself up over your nighttime snacking.

You’re only human…and humans are hard-wired to crave excess calories before the long nighttime fast.  Those cravings helped our cavemen ancestors survive.  But now that most of us have access to all the calories we need, our prehistoric cravings can leave us feeling out of control at the end of the day.

So, what makes delicious Nightfood cookies a better choice at night?  Of course, our sleep experts made sure our cookies have less fat, less sugar, and fewer calories.  But, in addition to being better for you, Nightfood cookies need to also be better for your sleep.  So we made sure they have more protein and prebiotic fiber…plus each serving of Nightfood has 500mg of inositol and is high in vitamin B6.

Delicious soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. The perfect night snack before bed, right out of the bag, with a glass of milk or maybe some Nightfood Ice Cream?  The perfect sleep-friendly snacks for your night snacking routine.

So when your little Crave Monster pays that nightly visit, now you know exactly what to do!