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  • Test Product - Mixed Box 23.98

Test Product - Mixed Box 23.98

What People Are Saying

  • I'm hooked!

    “These are delicious day or night ! My new favorite bars I love both flavors”

    - Chris G.
  • So good!

    “I have to say they are amazing. Not like typical other bars. These taste like a real treat and do fill you up so you can go to bed in peace. Love them!”

    - Shauna L.
  • Delicious and Totally Satisfying ...

    “After trying both the Cookies n' Dreams and the Midnight Chocolate Crunch .. I really couldn't decide with one was more delicious. I look forward to my Nightfood bar each evening ... Thank you for creating Nightfood. (Definitely a satisfied customer!)”

    - Linda C.
  • Dream Come True!

    “These bars help me power through my late-night cravings and go to bed sooner! I love the packaging; I love the taste; I love the product!”

    - Katie E.
  • Love these bad boys!

    “As a night snacker, these are awesome for me. I can eat one of the Nightfood bars and be satiated. Excellent flavor and filling!”

    - Michael.


When your little CraveMonster pays his nightly visit, he can get you to eat just about anything. Tonight, be prepared...