After Dinner Mint Chip

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Perfect for nighttime snacking, Nightfood After-Dinner Mint Chip is cooler than the other side of the pillow.  And much tastier!

Creamy peppermint ice cream loaded with chocolate chips on the inside, and a friendly and smiling Cravemonster on the outside.  

Because Nightfood is much lower in sugar than regular ice cream, this Cravemonster still has all his teeth, and displays them proudly.  Because it tastes so good, he's got a big smile.  Because we don't use sugar alcohol to sweeten Nightfood, he doesn't look gassy or bloated.  

And, because of our proteins and enzymes that make it easier to digest and minimize lactose content, he's not doubled over on the toilet, sweating profusely.

We make sleep-friendly decisions, which means we have a happy and satisfied Cravemonster.  And you will too!