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Is Your Night Snacking Out of Control???

Hey, you’re not alone. 70% of Americans snack at night. The most popular choices? Cookies, chips, ice cream, and candy.

Deep down inside you know you really shouldn’t be eating that stuff at all, especially not right before you go to bed. Your nightly snaccident is killing your diet AND messing with your sleep.

The bad news is those nighttime cravings aren’t going to go away suddenly.

The good news is there’s NightFood.

Delicious NightFood snack bars are specially formulated to satisfy those pesky nighttime cravings in a better, healthier, more sleep-friendly way.

Order a box now. Or, try both flavors with FREE Shipping. If you don’t love ‘em, let us know and we’ll refund your money. Simple.

The Night Snacking Problem

  • “People around the world show remarkable similarity in their daily eating habits: meals start off healthy in the morning, but get progressively worse throughout the day – until by nightfall we're deep into junk food territory.”

    - NPR
  • “When you’re sleepy you’re more likely to succumb to eating unhealthy food.”

    - Time Magazine
  • "While sticking to any healthy eating plan takes work, many people report that they most often get tripped up in the evening hours, when they finish work or other daytime duties and loosen their belt."

    - Weight Watchers