Night snacking out of control?

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Your nighttime cravings won’t just go away… they’re hard-wired.


Like Bears, Humans are Wired to Stock up on Excess Calories Before the Fast

Here at Nightfood, our team of sleep and nutrition experts developed our delicious ice cream to be healthier and more sleep-friendly for guilt-free night snacking:

Less sugar, less fat, fewer calories

More protein, more fiber, lower glycemic

Added minerals, digestive enzymes & amino acids

No artificial sweeteners or erythritol

Reality check: Nightfood contains no drugs or sleep aids. It’s simply healthier snacking and better sleep hygiene, like less screen time before bed, or keeping your bedroom cool and dark. Don’t expect miracles or think of it as a magic cure for insomnia.

Our cravings are biologically hard-wired… they’re not going to go away. Nightfood is the answer.

Try some Nightfood tonight… we’re treating!!

Five Simple Steps:
  1. Fill out this form.
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*We want every nighttime snacker to be able to try Nightfood as our treat to you. Unfortunately, we also need to protect against fraud…you wouldn’t believe the things some people will do to beat the system just to get some free delicious delicious ice cream. So, this offer is limited to anybody with an Instagram account established and active prior to December 1, 2019, and a PayPal account. We know and understand not everybody will qualify, and we apologize in advance to anybody who feels slighted or excluded.

Here are some of the people that have already tried Nightfood as our treat:


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